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Balloon Cruise, Hiking and Cycling in Florence

Florence, as the capital of the Tuscany region of Italy, is a beacon of its unrivalled cultural history. The artisans who lived there inspired the renaissance, a fact that is easily seen in the city's brilliant architecture. 

There may be no better way to view Florence as a whole than from a hot air balloon. Cityscape and terrain combine in magnificent fashion, leaving you with a true sense of this destination's roots. Ballooning in Florence is popular and opportunities can be found throughout Tuscany, so don't miss out!

Tuscany is one of Italy's most spectacular regions, offering lots of natural beauty and unparalleled hiking and biking opportunities. This is definitely a way to experience the real Italy - past and present.

Cycling is a wonderful way to discover Florence at a leisurely pace. You can cycle around the Tuscan countryside up to Fiesole and enjoy some of the most awe-inspiring views in the world.