Florence Customs

Foreign visitors can bring along most items for personal use duty-free, including two hand cameras with 10 rolls of film, and 400 cigarettes or a quantity of cigars or pipe tobacco not exceeding 500 grams (1.1 lb.).

There are strict limits on importing alcoholic beverages. However, for alcohol bought tax-paid, limits are much more liberal than in other countries of the European Union.

There are no restrictions on the amount of local currency you can bring into Italy, although you should declare the amount. Your declaration proves to the Italian Customs office that the currency came from outside the country, and, therefore, you can take out the same amount or less. Foreign currency taken into or out of Italy may not exceed 12,500 Euro; ($14,375). No declaration is needed up to this amount.

Tweet It’s impossible to describe Florence in it’s glorious entirety, but we can say this, Florence is a city where everything is expressed with great force and gusto: art, culture, fashion, cooking and nature. It is an open air museum surrounded by beautiful hills, where architectural and natural beauty are united with an innate love