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Le Fonticine

Modern paintings carpet the walls like a jigsaw puzzle here. Over the past 4 decades, Silvano Bruci has taken as much care in selecting the works of art as his Bologna-born wife, Gianna, has in teaching these ...

Osteria Santo Spirito

It's hard to miss this hip place right on the square -- funk and dance music pounds from the speakers and the tables are packed -- but the staff might not notice you.

Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori

Within a block of the Palazzo Vecchio is an authentic osteria with a wood-beamed ceiling, brick floor, the end of a giant chianti barrel embedded in one wall, and a handwritten menu that starts Oggi C'è ...

Osteria de' Benci

This popular trattoria serves enormous portions (especially of secondi) on beautiful hand-painted ceramics under high ceiling vaults echoing with the conversation of Florentine ...

Trattoria Le Mossacce

Delicious, cheap, abundant, fast home cooking: This tiny osteria, filled with lunching businesspeople, farmers in from the hills, locals who've been coming since 1942, and a few knowledgeable tourists, is ...

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco

Massimo Masselli will sooner turn people away at the door than rush you though your meal.

La Mescita

This tiny fiaschetteria is immensely popular with local businesspeople and students from the nearby university. Lunch can be a crushing affair, and they have signs admonishing you to eat quickly to give others ...

La Giostra

The chef/owner is Dimitri d'Asburgo Lorena, a Habsburg prince (with some local Medici blood for good measure) who opened this restaurant merely to indulge his love of ...

L'osteria di Giovanni

Giovanni Latini comes from one of Florence's best-known culinary clans, whose eponymous eatery on Via del Palchetti is a household name in Florence, but he and his daughters Caterina and Chiara have made quite ...

Il Vegetariano

Come early to one of Florence's only vegetarian restaurants and use your coat to save a spot at one of the communal wood tables before heading to the back to get your ...
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