Il Latini

Arrive here at 7:30pm to join the crowd massed at the door, for even with a reservation you'll have to wait as they skillfully fit parties together at the communal tables. In fact, sharing a common meal with complete strangers is part of the fun here. 

Under hundreds of hanging prosciutto ham hocks, the waiters try their hardest to keep a menu away from you and suggest something themselves. This usually kicks off with ribollita and pappa al pomodoro or penne strascicate (in a ragù mixed with cream). If everyone agrees on the arrosto misto, you can get a table-filling platter heaped high with assorted roast meats. Finish off with a round of cantucci con vin santo for everyone.

Around the tables of “il Latini” friendships are interwoven, all the world’s languages are spoken, fervent discussions are held and everyone tastes food that has the flavour of the old times past.
Il Latini means tradition: a means of discovering Tuscany and its people.

The kitchen is where the best products of Tuscany’s countryside are turned into the dishes typical of the tuscan tradition.
Il Latini’s kitchen was originally the kitchen of Narciso’s wife, who used to take the dishes from her home to the cellars in Palazzo Rucellai where tables were set.
Sora Maria’s cooking was made of ingredients and flavours typical of tuscan cuisine, simple and genuine food that nowadays are still a characteristic of the restaurant.

The flood in Florence did not spare the tavern, which continued nevertheless to serve warm dishes Florentine citizens among the muddy streets.