Osteria de' Benci

This popular trattoria serves enormous portions (especially of secondi) on beautiful hand-painted ceramics under high ceiling vaults echoing with the conversation of Florentine trendoids.

The menu changes monthly, but you can always be assured of excellent salumi -- they come from Falorni, the famed butcher of the Chianti.

The eliche del profeta are fusiloni tossed with ricotta, olive oil, oregano, and fresh tomatoes sprinkled with parmigiano.
The unique spaghetti dell'ubriacone is bright crimson spaghetti that takes its color from being cooked in red wine, sauced with garlic, pepperoncino, and parsley sautéed in olive oil. And the cibrèo delle regine is a traditional rich Florentine dish of chopped chicken livers and gizzards served on toast.