Restaurant Cantinetta Antinori

Located in an atmospheric 15th century palazzo, the Tuscan wine selection is a huge draw at this popular lunch spot. The wines and the fresh produce and meats come from the restaurant's own farms.

Homemade fettuccini with duck sauce is sublime, the crostini is fresh and topped with savory spreads, and shrimp salad with artichokes makes a perfect light lunch. Or, if you are in the mood for steak, the gran pezzo is a thick piece of prime Chiana beef. The cheese selection with fresh pecorino and Caprino is one of the best in town. Reservations recommended.

The Antinori marchesi started their wine empire 26 generations ago, and, taking their cue from an ancient vintner tradition, installed a wine bar in their 15th-century palazzo 30 years ago. Most ingredients come fresh from the Antinori farms, as does all the fine wine. Start with the fettuccine all'anatra (noodles in duck sauce) and round out the meal with the trippa alla fiorentina or the mighty gran pezzo (thick slab of oven-roasted Chianina beef).

If you choose this worthy splurge as a secondo, skip the first course and instead follow your steak with formaggi misti, which may include pecorino made fresh that morning. Their cantucci (Tuscan biscotti) come from Prato's premier producer.